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Can You Install A Level 3 Charger at Home?

Can You Install A Level 3 Charger at Home?

5 Best Home EV Chargers 2021(Top Rated Home EV Chargers 2021)

We Like
ChargePoint Home Flex+Waterproof
+Reliable and secure
+Fast charging
-It’s a bit pricey
Grizzl-E-level 2 EV Charger+Budget-friendly
+Easily transportable
+Three-year warranty
-Available only in two colors
BougRV Level 2 EV Charger+12-month warranty
+Hassle-free installation
+Hand-held ergonomic design
-Improper handling could damage the charger
Puisan Plus Level 2 EV Smart Charger+Budget-friendly
+Solar system supported
+Fastest speed
-Bluetooth connectivity could be improved
Juice Box 32 Smart Ev Charging Station+Dynamic LED lights
+Bluetooth connectivity
-Not suitable above 40 amps

“With the revolution in technology, electric vehicles are becoming common around the world. Also, they are coming in really cheap price ranges. In order to take part in climatic change social activities, people are leaning towards electric vehicles.”

These electric vehicles require electric charging to function correctly and for a long time. Different ways of charging have been defined for this purpose. Level 1 and Level 2 chargers use A.C. to charge E.V.s, while the latest Level 3 charge utilizes direct current (D.C.).

Are you wondering about can you install a Level 3 charger at home? Then we got your back, as this article will remove all your confusion about Level 3 chargers.

Installing Level 3 Charger at Home

Other than reducing population, E.V.s also help the owners in the economic and practical sense. If you install a home charging station, you get the most out of your Electric Vehicle. With Level 3 charger’s entry in the E.V. world, most people want to install it at home. It is due to the efficiency and fast charging delivered by the Level 3 charger.

Level 3 chargers or DC Fast Chargers are mainly used for industrial and commercial purposes. DC Fast Chargers require specialized and powerful machinery to operate appropriately. Moreover, they are costly for any person to afford as a home charging station. Thus, the brief answer to “can you install a Level 3 charger at home?” is NO! Well, you might be confused with this straightforward answer, so let me explain why you can’t install a DC Fast Charger at home.

Level 3 chargers utilize direct current and charge a vehicle up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. The fast charging and compatibility make these chargers better suited as roadside charging stations. Some electric cars (such as Tesla models) come up with a “supercharging” option which makes the charging quicker.

Tesla’s Superchargers can charge the Model S quickly, making it capable of functioning 170 miles worth of range, only in 30 minutes. Amidst its quick charging services, installing a Level 3 charger at home is never recommended.

Level 3 chargers also have their options. They can’t charge every model of an electric vehicle. Thus, if you rely on any roadside level 3 charging station, make sure it suits the model of your electric car.

Another thing to notice while relying on a roadside Level 3 charger is that the charging cost could differ at different stations. Charging costs are highly variable and depend upon the Level 3 charger provider. So, before relying on any charging station, make sure to do thorough research on the cost of charging. And choose the one that suits your electric vehicle and budget.

If you want to install a home charging station, you can keep reading to know the fundamental factors to focus on while buying a home-based E.V. charger.

Selecting A Home E.V. Charger

Now that you’ve known all the reasons why you can’t install a Level 3 charger at home. Let’s move towards the elements to focus on while choosing a home-based charging station. Although simple D.C. chargers are not more than a wire cord, still there are some features that you should take notice of, which are discussed below:

1. Smart E.V. Charger

As described by the name, Smart E.V. Charger uses artificial intelligence to provide valuable features. With an intelligent E.V. charger, you can easily set a schedule for charging the vehicle. With its WIFI feature, you can monitor the charging activity and review the charging data from your mobile phone.

2. Cable Length

Make sure to get a longer cable length to increase the flexibility of charging the vehicle. The longer the cable, the easier it would be for the charger to reach the electric car.

3. Amperage

You might have noticed that some chargers don’t have the same charging speed, although they have the same levels. This difference is due to the diverse amperage found in A.C. chargers. Thus, while buying a charger, read the specifications of your vehicle. Then, choose the charger with an amperage range that is compatible with your vehicle.

4. Safety and Efficiency

Safety is the most prominent thing to notice while buying any home-based electric appliance. Thus, before buying, look into the reviews of the charging station to make sure its efficient and safe for home.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Level 3 Charging Station?

The Installation process for a Level 3 charger costs around 20,000$. The prices may differ in some models. Do proper research on prices and features to get the most out of your charging station.

Can You Install A Fast Charger at Home?

If you want to benefit from fast charging, you can install a charging station in your parking area. It will be a more compatible and quicker way of getting your electric vehicle charged. Also, you don’t have to travel to roadside charging stations to charge your electric car. It will also save cost; you will spend on setting the vehicle from outdoor charging stations. Thus, home charging stations are a great choice.

Do I Need Permission To Install A Car Charging Point?

For wall-mounted chargers in parking places, permission is not required. But make sure that the electric outlet must not exceed the 0.2 cubic meters limit. Thus, if you want a charging station at home, there’s no need to get permission.


Although you can’t install D.C. Fast Charger (Level 3 Charger) at home, you got various other options for home-based charging. I’ve discussed the essential features that you should look into while buying a home-based charging station in the above portion.

Read the instructions or specifications of your electric vehicle, and then buy a charger that is compatible or suitable for your car model, budget, and your personal preferences. The right choice of the home-based charging station will result in various benefits. Good luck with your home charging station hunt.

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